QC Profile

1. After order is confirmed, we will arrange factories to produce refrigeration equipment and other materials. All refrigeration equipment will be inspected carefully before shipping.


2. During construction, project manager will be in Charge of on-site construction order and safety, he will send a report every week to our company to check the planed schedule and progress.


3. After completion, project manager will try run and reduce cold room temperature to the designed temperature. Clients could check and receipt the project if qualified.


4. Our on-site engineer will communicate with clients’ engineer for the maintenance of refrigeration system during try run.


5. We have one-year warranty for cold room project. For the project our Cloud Online Monitor and management system, our engineer will check the cold room running data periodically.

Cloud online Cold Stororage Monitor and management system:

              1) Online monitor

              2) Data analysis

              3) Data statistics inquiry

              4) Abnormal alarm

              5) Maintenance remind



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