EHT11 Cold Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables , Anti Explosion Lights Cold Storage Fruits Vegetables

EHT11 Cold Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables , Anti Explosion Lights Cold Storage Fruits Vegetables


Quick details:

Size Customized
Adjustable Temperature Range -5C ~+15C   23F~59F
Supply range All equipments and materials of cold storage, installation and try run
Exception Foundation, concrete job related, fire-fighting, local inspection fee
Warehouse structure Steel supporting warehouse + sandwidch panel insulated
Refrigeration system PLC controled compressor unit, air cooler, evaporative condenser ,piping,pipe insulation, vavels etc.
Insulation Panels 100mm PUR panel with 0.5mm PPGI sheets on both sides, fire-proofing B2 level, core density 40+/-2Kg/m3



Farm and agricultural products market ,Fruits Distribution center, export center,Fruits processing factory etc


Steps of customized cold storage 

Step Contents Details
1 Client describe the requests and using methods 1. Client provides some basic requirements;
2. Client provides relative information:
1) construction address, environment, weather, geology conditions, electricity supply;
2) storage purpose and functions;
Other design requirements
2 We offer sketch design and pric 1. Communication on details, discussion and modification until reach an agreement;
2. sketch design;
3. price offer on all systems
3 Contract and formal design 1. Sigh the former design contract (if any);
2. Site survey and measurement (if necessary);
3. Formal design and delivery;
4. Details of solution and price.
5. Client prepare the construction site and foundation. 
4 Equipment and material export 1. Sign the contract of equipment and materials;
2. production and export preparation
3. Client prepare the on-site electricity and water
5 Installation 1. working procedure confirm and team organization;
2. Construction teams go to install.
6 Check and acceptance 1. Our technicians trial run the cold storage on-site;
2. Client check and make acceptance.
7 Operation instruction and warranty 1. training clients’ cold storage operators;
2. provide technical support within the lifetime of cold storage.

Our quotation including :


1. The supporting steel structure of warehouse

2. the cold storage warehouse insulation,ceiling, wall, door, floor's insualtion layer

3. the refrigeration system: all refrigeration equipment, pipes, valves, control of equipment

4. Lighting system and control

5. This price is based on a steel structure panel assembling cold storage, Freon system.


Quotation dosen't include any part related to the civil work, e.g.

1. Foundation construction, the enforced concrete layer of floor(surface),

2. The water and electricity supply or distribution(need clients connect power to the machine room)

3.  local government inspection fee

4. Fire fighting system


Main Factors affect the price

1. Machine's components quality level

2. Insulation panel quality level

3. Design of area


Why Choose Ecool ?


1. High efficiency working team,reliable quality ,with rich experience technicans and exporting team, truely munufacturer,good service.

2. Cooperate with designing institute,can provide customer professional desiging sugesstions and drawings.

3. Help customers to selecte compressor,cooler,evaporator,refrigerant,lighting and controlling system etc, provide customer a suitable cold storage confirguration

4. Can provide quality report and related certifications.


Cold room photos

EHT11 Cold Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables , Anti Explosion Lights Cold Storage Fruits Vegetables


Cold Storage Of Fruits And Vegetables

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